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The Lakeside Locomotives were founded in the summer of 2014 by Ray Schelhas and a few of this friends from work, Lakeside Surfaces in Norton Shores.  Ray, along with players such as Matt Nieger, Scott Tuggle, Jeff Tuggle, Andrew Wishka, James Marody, Jason Nellis, Tim Augustin and Wayne Jensen set out to play in a beginner's league at Lakeshore Sports Centre in Muskegon, Michigan.  Ray still needed a goaltender to round out his roster and was searching the internet which he stumbled across the West Michigan Phantom hockey team and noticed that Kevin Wootton was a goaltender from Muskegon.  Ray reached out to Wootton to see if he would be interested in playing and Wootton quickly agreed, under one condition.  Wootton mentioned he would play, as long as he could bring one additional player to the team...that player Gordie Anderson.  Ray agreed and the Lakeside Locomotives were born.  The Locomotives brought a renewed joy of hockey to it's players and from the start focused on team play, encouragement to improve and fun hockey.  The team did not capture many wins in the first couple of seasons, but most of the games were close and everyone continued to have fun and improve.  As with any group, some players moved on, while others decided to hang up the skates.  Ray and Locomotives continued to press on with the help of the goaltender's teams from the Grand Rapids area.  Names as Matt Zehr, Trent Kik, Shawn Deboer, Andrew Page all began to sub to the Locomotives and would eventually be given full time player positions as more departures created full time openings.  The Locomotives always prided itself on competitive and close games with the opponents.  During the 2018-2019 season, the Locomotives finished the regular season with a record of 8-12-2, but managed to become solid and strong in the post-season not by adding superstars, but playing a complete brand of team hockey and simple hockey and turned heads in the post-season, as the fifth placed team surged to capture the team's first championship.  A season later, the Locomotives continued to display a great brand of team play, with an added power of defensive hockey and cruised to a 14-2-1 regular season record before the season was canceled due to Covid19.  The Locomotives continue to pride itself on team hockey and fun hockey with an entertaining locker room which has built the foundation of success and work ethic into the team's roots.  Currently, the Locomotives continue to play at Lakeshore Sports Center in Muskegon, Michigan on Tuesday nights.  

Please click the links below to see the team's success. 

SEASON #1 2014-2015 Fall/Winter

SEASON #2: 2015-2016 Fall/Winter (First 14 Games)

SEASON #3: 2016-2017 Fall/Winter

SEASON #4: 2017-2018 Fall/Winter

SEASON #5: 2018-2019 Fall/Winter

SEASON #6: 2019-2020 Fall/Winter

SEASON #7: 2020 Summer (Short-Covid Season)

SEASON #8: 2020-2021 Fall/Winter

SEASON #9: 2021-2022 Fall/Winter

SEASON #10: 2022-2023 Fall/Winter

SEASON #11 (2023-2024 Fall/Winter)

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Lakeside Locomotives
Proud Phantom Hockey Affiliate

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