Please see below for the Phantom's Winter 2019 Schedule.  All games played at Walker Ice & Fitness Center.

First Half of season included all 12 teams playing 12 regular season games.  Following the first 12 games, the Top 6 were seeded into a Top Bracket (Division I) to finish the second half of season schedule, while Bottom 6 were seeded into a Bottom Bracket (Division II). 


Sun, Sept. 15 @6:10pm

Phantoms 6 vs. Beer League Benders 7

Beer: Clark/Kinney

Sun, Sept. 22 @7:15pm

Phantoms 3 vs. Johnny Puck 4 Shoot-Out

Beer: BZehr/Harmon

Sun, Sept. 29 @8:20pm

Phantoms 4 vs. Team English 5

Beer: Skoboda/MZehr

Sun, Oct. 6 @5:05pm

Phantoms 2 vs. Grifters 4

Beer: Woot/Kik

Sun, Oct. 13 @ 2:00pm

Phantoms @ Little Caesars

Team Gray 7  Team Black 5

Sun, Oct. 20 @5:05pm

Phantoms 4 vs. PuckNuts 8

Beer: DeBoer/Datema

Sun, Oct. 27 @9:25pm

Phantoms 5 vs. Agape 4 SO

Beer: Laux/Fabian

Sun, Nov. 3 @9:25pm

Phantoms 3 vs. Bent Shafts 1

Beer: Harmon/Adam

Sun, Nov. 10 @4:00pm

Phantoms 12 vs. Merchant Auto 1

Beer: Clark/Blok

Sun, Nov. 17 @8:05pm

Phantoms 5 vs. Shots 3

Beer: Kinney/Woot

Sun, Dec. 8 @4:00pm

Phantoms 3 vs. Chiefs 4 SO

Beer: Skoboda/BZehr

Sun, Dec. 15 @4:00pm

Phantoms 4 vs. Gun Ru 5

Beer: Blok/Kik

Sun, Dec. 22 @6:00pm

Phantoms 6 vs. PuckNuts 9

Beer: DeBoer/Myers


Sun, Jan. 5 @8:10pm

Phantoms 7 vs. Merchant Auto 3

Beer: Datema/Adam

Sun, Jan. 12 @4:00pm

Phantoms 11 vs. Agape 3

Beer: Laux/Clark

Sun, Jan. 19 @6:10pm

Phantoms  vs. Chiefs

Beer: Blok/Fabian

Sun, Jan. 26 @7:15pm

Phantoms  vs. Team English

Beer: Kinney/Datema

Sun., Feb. 9 @ 5:05pm

Phantoms vs. PuckNuts

Beer: Skoboda/Myers

Sun, Feb. 16 @5:35pm

Phantoms vs. Agape

Beer: Laux/Kik

Sun, Feb. 23 @4:00pm

Phantoms vs. Chiefs

Beer: BZehr/MZehr

Sun, Mar. 1 @9:25pm

Phantoms  vs. Team English

Beer: Datema/Adam

Sun, Mar. 8 @4:00pm

Phantoms vs. PuckNuts

Beer: Pavol/Blok

Sun, Mar. 15 @TBA

Division II Play-offs

Beer: Myers/Skoboda

Sun, Mar. 22 @TBA

Division II Play-offs

Beer: Woot/Clark

Sun, Mar. 29 @TBA

Division II Play-offs

Beer: Kinney/MZehr

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