The Lakeside Locomotives are gearing up for a return to Lakeshore Sports Center this fall.  The eighth season of Locos Hockey will kick off on Tuesday, October 6th.  Currently, the team is in the final stages of completing a roster for the upcoming season.  To date, the following players have inked deals for the upcoming season: Trent Kik, Scott Tuggle, Matt Zehr, Nate Tyler, Matt Nieger, Andrew Page, Joe Lochinski, Gordie Anderson, Jim Marody, Chris Laux, Hunter Tuggle, Bryce Kerridge and Kevin Wootton.  The season will be 24 games (split into two halfs), plus two weeks of playoffs at the end of the 24 games.  Cost will be $4200 for a team, $323 per Loco player (12 skaters and goalie).  Those who played last fall/winter will receive $67.30 credit to reduce this season to $255.77. (Those individuals that are not playing during the 2020 Fall/Winter that did play during the 2019 Fall/Winter season are expected to receive their $67.30 refund by November 1st).  League fees, unless paid in full at game #1, will be due as follows: $81 due at first game, $81 due Nov. 1, $81 due Jan. 1, balance due Feb. 1.  Masks required to enter rink and locker rooms. Health screen questionnaire must be completed before entry (online). Locker rooms must be cleared within 20 minutes of end of game. until their are changes in Covid policy. Players and teams can drink in the parking lot following your game.  There will be managers meeting (Woot), held on Tuesday, September 29th at 7:00pm.  If any Loco players wants to attend with Wootton, please contact Woot prior to the meeting.

STANDINGS: Winter 2020
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The Lakeside Locomotives have been crowned 2019-2020 Fall/Winter Tuesday League champions at Lakeshore Sports Center in Muskegon after the season was canceled officially at the end of June as a result of the Covid19 virus.  The Locomotives, who led during the entire regular season, finished the shortened 17-game season with a league-best 14-2-1 record.  The Locomotives completed the season tied with Fetch with the second most goals scored in the league with 91 and completed the season with the best defensive mark in the league with 53 goals against during the season.  The Locomotives additionally led the league with the best goal differential at a positive 38 goals.  League officials in mid-June began reaching out to all seven member teams to discuss plans to returns to rink and the season following the nationwide Covid19 outbreak.  During the league wide discussions, only three teams--one of which were the Locomotives--wanted to return to complete the 2019-2020 season, while the other four teams voted not to play as a result of warmer weather and other commitments from their team members during the summer.  The championship for the Locomotives will go down as the second in the team's six seasons history and marks the second time in as many seasons that the Locomotives are league champions.  The 'Back2Back Champions' title will again paint a large bulls-eye on the team as they are eager to return to Lakeshore Sports Center to begin the team's seventh.  "To look back and see how much this team has grown over the past six seasons is a true accomplishment of the heart, passion and focus this team has to improve the basics and enhance the team's commitment to teamwork and team play," said goaltender Kevin Wootton.  The team will assemble for a very quick summer season to help fill that hockey void and prepare for the team's Back2Back Title Defense this fall with the team returns to the normal fall/winter league for a seventh season.  "The great relationships this team has formed since 2014 is a key to the team's success and I am truly proud to be apart of this team," said Wootton.  Anyone looking to join the Locomotives is asked to email Kevin Wootton at muskegonrr@gmail.com.  The team will begin to cement a Back2Back title defense roster in late August for the main staged Fall/Winter season, as with the past, all members of the 2019-2020 team will have first offers.  Anyone looking to play on Tuesday Nights for the upcoming short Summer season, or the Fall/Winter season is asked to contact Wootton.

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Lakeside Locomotives are an adult recreational ice hockey team that play at Lakeshore Sports Center in Muskegon, Michigan.