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Fees for the 2023-2024 season will be $280 (minus any processing fees) for all full time players.  Payment Deadline is January 15, 2024.  We encourage you to log-into your 'Players Club' account' by clicking the link above.  From there, you will see 'Lakeside Locomotives' and you can pay online for your fees.  When using the Player's Club, players can make payments between $1 and $280 to pay for their fees (Note: there is a 3% processing fee).  When paying, you will receive an email copy of your transaction.   For those players who do not wish to pay via the Player's Club because of the 35 fee, you can also pay the Locmotives directly via checks (made out to Kevin Wootton) or via Paypal, CashApp or Vemo.  Paypal (, CashApp ($KevinWootton), Venmo (@KevinWootton).  To pay Woot via Paypal, CashApp or Venmo, you can point your phone camera to the QR code below.  To view the current team and individual balances, please click the green button below. 


For Player Balances Click Green Button Below:

Locos Announce VSP-Volunteer Scratch Program for Season

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The Lakeside Locomotives have created the largest roster of players in a decade of play to fill the team’s roles for this current 2023-2024 Fall/Winter season.  The Locomotives have added full-time skaters in excess of the normal 13-man roster to better handle game day scratches and help players with the lowest possible league fees.   The team used data collected from the past year to help formulate the concept of an increased roster.  The Lakeside Locomotives had 47 player scratches during their 2022-2023 fall/winter season.  “We understand life creates it’s own schedule at times in which hockey may not be possible during a given week, having all three teams carry extra players full time creates flexibility and eliminates the rush and panic sometimes associated with calling subs last minute,” said Kevin Wootton.  The Locomotives roster consists of 15 skaters.  In terms of the Locomotives, the goal is to skate at 13 skaters each game and the team hopes that this new Volunteer Scratch Program (VSP) pilot program will help with that goal.  


The concept of this program is to offer refunds on game days if the Locomotives have skaters above the desired 13 skaters.  These refunds will be sent electronically via CashApp, Venmo or PayPal to those who voluntarily sit out a game to help handle the excess amount of players.  Here’s out it works, if on game day the Locomotives are above 13 skaters, a message will be sent to the team’s group chat asking for any volunteers to sit out a game.  If, up until game time, the team remains above 13 skaters, those players who volunteered to sit out that game will be refunded electronically if possible or in person.  Money will be available for refund after a player and team has paid league fees in full. (If a player is not paid in full, money will held and given to player once their fees are paid in full).  Any money left in the team’s VSP account at the end of the season will be put against the team’s league fee balance for the following season (ultimately lowering everyone’s total).  This program is based on the honor system and is designed only for players who voluntarily sit out a game to help reduce the roster to 13.  If you know you are going to be out, please don’t abuse the system.  The VSP funds are only available while there is a balance in the VSP fund.  VSP rates are shown below:


$12.17 per game if ONE volunteer is needed

$6.08 per game if TWO volunteers are needed

*Locos expected to be adjusted soon due to league changes

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Lakeside Locomotives
Proud Phantom Hockey Affiliate

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