The eighth year of the Lakeside Locomotives comes to an end with a 6-3 championship game victory against Fort Freight to secure the team’s second league championship since the 2018-2019 season. The Locos should hold their heads extremely high this season as the team overcame giant-odds and big-obstacles and closed out the season with a championship game win in an extremely talented Tuesday night league.  The Black & Gold battled and were victorious against the Dany Heatleys, Lancers and Fort Freight in the post-season to overcome a strong second place finish during the regular season to retake the claim and title of league king-pins.  The Locomotives have been able to compete and match the talent against some great teams and individuals at Lakeshore Sports Centre the past several years.  This season, the bar was raised yet again with increased talent and was undoubtedly the highest skilled competition the Tuesday night league has seen since the league was founded.  For a full time Locomotives team that was comprised of just one player who played any college-level hockey in his earlier days, one player who attended a prep-school for his hockey acrobatics, one player who maxed out at the high-school level and everyone else who either just played recreational hockey or did not start playing hockey until after high school, the team’s success this season is truly impressive.  The grit, determination and ability to battle and compete in a fierce way against the current talents of the 2021-2022 Tuesday league is a true reflection of the determination and willingness of the entire Locomotives team to give their all.  Some team’s can and do build rosters to capture championships, few teams create an atmosphere in which fun is a greater accomplishment than a plastic trophy.  The Locomotives are and will remain different.  We take pride in knowing our team is more than just a team on the ice, but rather a group that interacts and socializes outside of the rink, spends time together outside of the hockey season and supports and retains our players regardless of their talent or skill level.  Teams come and go, yet friendships and memories last a lifetime.  As the oldest running team in the Tuesday league and quite possibility the oldest, overall-aged team in the league, the Locomotives continue to show the heart and loyalty that few recreational teams have. 

During this current season, the Locomotives finished in second place with an overall record of 18-5-0 during the regular season.  The team’s 120 goals scored was good for fourth overall and the team’s 87 goals against was good as the third best defensive team in the league.  On the individual front, Congratulations to Zach Kinney, who managed to lead the league in points during the regular season with an impressive 51 (37G, 14A).  Additionally, Hunter Tuggle finished tied for fourth in the league with 31 points during the regular season (16G, 15A).   Mitch Hoolsema, rounded out the Top-20 point getters in the league, tied for 16th overall with 18 points on the season (11G, 7A).  The Lakeside Locomotives completed the regular season as the ONLY team in the eight-team circuit to win the regular season series against every team in the league.  (vs. Lancers 2-1-0, vs. Lakeshore Sports Center 5-0, vs. Pup N Suds 3-1, vs. Dany Heatleys 2-1, vs. Bush Leaguers 2-1, vs. Beerly Legal 2-0, vs. Fort Freight 2-1).  Additionally, the Locomotive wins against the Dany Heatleys, Lancers and Fort Freight in the post-season, boosted and rocketed the team’s overall record to 21-5-0 on the season.


“To look back at the games this season compared to games played back during the early 2014, 2015, 2016 years, it is truly amazing to see just how far this team has come and how much our less-experienced players have learned and grown,” said goaltender Kevin Wootton.  “The atmosphere on the ice and in the locker room is so much more than winning, it’s about having fun, building connections and enjoying the game we all love,” Wootton added.

The Locomotives success this season goes beyond the full-time group of 13 skaters and goaltender.  Mark Vilneff, Josh Vokal, Shawn DeBoer, Adam Porczysnki, Brendan Bender, Derek Edlund, Matt Myers, Ryan Mylenek and CJ Jones were all tremendous in their sub roles and played a large part in posting the success we as team displayed this season.  A very strategic use of subs during the season, allowed the subs to play in a combined 24 games during the regular season with six of the subs having played in the minimum to be eligible for the post-season.  All of us on the Locomotives would like to give a huge shout out and thank-you to our subs that played this season, with little notice, during all weather conditions and showed up to play.  You all played huge roles in our 2021-2022 season and greatly helped us battle through a season of Covid, vacations, injuries and business trips.  Thank You!

The Locomotives, will again take the Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 seasons off as we have done for the most part during our eight years at Lakeshore Sports Center.   The Locomotives do plan to return to the league in the fall of 2022.  The Locomotives would like to congratulate Fort Freight on a great and spirited championship game and congratulate all of the other teams for a great season. 

Lastly, big thanks and shout out to Dan DeVowe who has dealt with eight men’s league teams on Tuesday…all of which are filled with different personalities and attitudes.  Running a league is no easy task, yet, despite challenges along the way, you have done a good job.  We have had our fair share of discussions and arguments this season, however, unlike the Oscars, no slaps were thrown and no ten year bans were given.  Thanks for putting up with us and the other teams this past season, we know it was not easy.

Once again, thanks again to everyone on the Locos for a great season!  See everyone back in the fall as we will once again announce….’ALL ABOARD!’ 

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On Tuesday, September 21st, captains of all the Tuesday teams met for the league's annual pre-season meeting.  Information and details concerning the 2021-2022 Tuesday league are as follows:

  • Season starts Tues, Oct. 12

  • League is hopeful for an 8-team league

  • 3 games to be played on north rink, 1 game on south rink

  • Start Times: 7:30 north, 8:30 north, 9:30 north, 9:30/10:00 south

  • Periods: 3-12 minute periods, 3-round shout out

  • Slap Shots are allowed

  • $25 fine for endangerment & possible suspension

  • Full time players can only play on one team, subs can play multiple teams- but can play for only one team for play-offs. 

  • 24 game regular season and 3 week playoffs ($3900 is expected total team fee)

  • Playoffs start in April

  • Subs must play in 3 regular season games to be eligible for playoffs. 

  • All subs must be added to roster by Feb 15 and MUST be on roster in order to play any game. 

  • Any team using a non rostered player sub or otherwise forfeits the game

  • Payment: 25% ($70) due by 1st game, next $70 by Mid-Nov, next $70 by Mid-Jan, final payment Mid-Feb)

  • Scoring: four goals per player

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