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About Us:
The Phantoms, Locomotives and Zombies are a group of three teams in the West Michigan area that have long histories.  Many of these three teams have players that do play or have played on all three teams at once!  It gives our players an option to play more men's league hockey and enjoy the game that we love.  If you just moved to the West Michigan area or looking to expand your playing foot-print in men's leagues, reach out to us by filling out the form on this page.  We will do our best to reply in a timely manor.  For a basic run-down of our three teams, please see below:

The West Michigan Phantoms began play in September 2002 at Rivertown Sports in Grandville playing in-line hockey.  On October 2006, the team shifted play to Cedar Rock Sports Plex near Cedar Springs and continued playing inline hockey.  In May 2011, the Phantoms shifted to ice hockey and transferred to Walker Ice & Fitness Center (WIFC) in Walker.  Since shifting to WIFC, the team has played on Sunday Afternoon/Nights.
  Of the Phantoms, Zombies and Locomotives, the Phantoms play in the highest skilled league of the three teams.

The Zombies began play at Cedar Rock Sports Plex in the summer of 2010 and shifted to ice hockey at Kentwood Ice Arena in 2011.  In 2013, the Zombies shifted to ice hockey at Walker Ice & Fitness Center (WIFC) and currently remain at WIFC.  In terms of playing nights, the Zombies play in the lower-intermediate league that is a Monday/Wednesday league in the summer and a Wednesday/Friday league in the fall/winter.  Of the Phantoms, Zombies and Locomotives, the Zombies play in the lowest skilled league of the three teams, however, the league is NOT a beginner league.

The Lakeside Locomotives began playing ice hockey at Lakeshore Sports Center in Muskegon in the fall of 2014.  For the most part of the team's history, the team has only played during the extended fall/winter season since it's founding.  The Locomotives play on Tuesday nights in Muskegon.  The league originally began as a beginner league, but has grown into a higher-intermediate league the past few years.  Of the Phantoms, Zombies and Locomotives, the Locos play in the second most skilled league of the three teams, behind the Phantoms and above the Zombies.

**Additional team history on the three team's can be found on the individual team history pages on their website.

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