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The West Michigan Phantoms closed out the 2023-2024 season of Black vs. Gray games with an explosive 21 goal performance at Western Michigan University's Lawson Ice Arena on April 6th.  The game, which was the highest scoring game of any game since these specialty games began in 2016, witnessed Team Yellow pour on the offense in the third period to take claim to a 12-9 victory over Team Black.  The Phantoms would like to thank the 59 players who filled up 82 total roster spots between the skates in Flint, Muskegon and Kalamazoo that made these games possible.  Additionally and equally special, are the 28 new players that joined us this season to experience their first Phantom Hockey Black vs. Gray/Yellow skate.  "It is truly amazing to bring such a great group of players, friends and teammates to these special venues to create an an event and moment that these players never forget," said Kevin Wootton.  To date, 13 different arenas have been used to host these special games, something that Trent Kik and Kevin Wootton hope to add to next year.  "About six years ago, Trent and I discussed the path forward and how to make these games better and more enjoyable, pushing forward with new venues and new locations was very high on that list," Wootton added.   From Joe Louis Arena, All State Arena, Little Caesars Arena and all of the other rinks that have made up the 13 rinks, the Phantoms have allowed 144 skaters the ability to experience these fun and exciting skates.   "The memories of the skating in these great venues are a thrill, the memories of the post-game celebrations of watching a hockey game after and enjoying the friendships and newly-minted friendships following these skates is icing on the cake," Wootton said.  In addition to the players that have made these games so successful, the Phantoms would like to also thank the photographers, referees, game staff, venue staff members and the professional/junior level/college level team members for all of their help in these games.  Over the next few months, the Phantoms will be working to get a plan set for the upcoming 2024-2025 season of Black vs. Gray games and hope to have more information in late summer.  

Kinney: 1 Goals from 100

Laux: 3 goals from 300 goals

Potochny: 14 goals from 50 goals

BZehr: 1 assist from 150 assists

Porczynski: 6 assists from 50 assists

DeGarmo: 1 points from 50 points

Erickson: 7 points from 300 points

Barber: 31 points away from 100 points

Bender: 2 PIMs from 100 minutes

Erickson: 5 PIMs from 100 minutes

Laux: 5 PIMs from 250 minutes

Laux:  Recorded his 150th assist on June 2 vs. Thundercocks

Kinney: Recorded his 150th point on June 2 vs. Thundercocks

Updated 6.10.24

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Season 56 came to an end on April 28, 2024 as the Phantoms fell in the second round of the post-season to Gun Ru.  The Phantoms would complete the season with an overall record of 13-9-0 (regular season and post-season combined).  The Phantoms would complete the regular season as the second highest scoring in the 11-team circuit and would feature the fifth best goals against record.  Following the Fall/Winter season, the Phantoms notch their lifetime record to 944 total games played with a 549-356-9-30 record.  The Phantoms will return to Walker Ice & Fitness for the Summer 2024 season which will begin on Sunday, June 2nd. 


As the Fall/Winter season continues to roll on, some may have noticed a piece of the Zombies missing from the lineup. This same piece has been absent from the sidelines of the Phantoms this season as well. Steve Clark, a longtime defensemen on the Zombies and father of Kyle and Matt Clark, has been absent from the ice since mid-June. At first what was thought to be a possible infection, turned out to be colon cancer. In early October, Steve had surgery to remove the cancerous part of his colon. During the surgery, it was discovered that some of the cancer spread to his bladder. During the next several months, Steve will undergo chemotherapy to fight the remaining cancer. Steve remains positive and ready to fight this non-ice battle. Jenna Clark (wife of Kyle Clark) and Nicole Clark (wife of Matt Clark) have created a t-shirt campaign to spread awareness of Steve’s condition and rally the troops for Steve’s fight. ‘Stronger Together: His Fight Is Our Fight’ is a battle that we are all in and stand together to give support to Steve and his family.

The BIGGEST party of the year will role back into West Michigan on Saturday, August 24th.  PhantomFest, which has been the flagship party of the year, started back in 2012 and continues to reach new heights and limits.  PhantomFest will return to Michelle & Ian’s for our 2024 Summer Party on Saturday, August 24th. PhantomFest will again feature Absolute Entertainment providing karaoke and the special effects. PhantomFest will again host a 50/50 raffle (helps offset the costs of the DJ), player giveaways, special videos and more. The pool and hot tub will be open, yard games will be set up in the lawn to play, PAC-MAN will be available in the Phantom-Nest and more! This party will be BYOB, people are encouraged to bring a dish to pass to help provide food and snacks for the night, people are encouraged to stay the night to avoid any driving issues after the party. The party starts at 4:00pm, Phantom videos start at 7:00pm and karaoke from 8:00pm to Midnight!


The Lakeside Locomotives once again reach the pinnacle of league dominance during the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter season at Lakeshore Sports Centre, marking the team's fourth league championship.   The Locos would manage to jump out to a 1-0 lead against the Lancers in the championship game with a second period goal from Ezra Gennello.  A Locomotives error in the team's zone would allow the Lancers to even the tally at 1-1 in the middle of the period.  Despite powerplays and intense pressure from both benches, an overtime period would be needed to settle the verdict.  Following a very strong Locomotives offensive push minutes into the fourth period, Clay Potochny would riffle home the shot that would send the Locomotives over the boards and into Championship fever for the fourth time in team history. The Locomotives would complete the regular season with a 14-5-0-1 record and tie Busch Leaugers and the Lancers for the top-spot in the seven team circuit.  Based on tie-breakers, the Locomotives would be seeded #1 and cruise through the post-season to force the championship tilt.  The Locomotives and Lancers would each capture two victories against each other during the regular, yet in the post-season, the Locomotives would add another two wins against the Lancers paving their way to the championship.  Additional information on the regular season, the post-season, the double-elimination playoff bracket and more can be found on the link below.  Matt Neiger and Kevin Wootton would like to say Thank You to all the Locos on another great season!


JUNE 19, '24: Dog Game at Whitecaps; 6:35pm

JUNE 29, '24: Kyle and Axle Birthday Party: 2:30pm-6:00pm

JULY 5, '24: Nauty's Comedy Show at 8:00pm; FREE

JULY 17-21: Muskegon Bike Time

JULY 19: Twister2 Movie release

JULY 26-AUG. 4, '24: Coast Guard Festival

AUG. 2, '24: Nauty's Comedy Show at 8:00pm; FREE

AUG. 9-11,'24: Muskegon Air Show

AUG. 10, '24: Kenny Chesney at Ford Field

AUG. 24, '24: PhantomFest @Michelle/Ian's in Grand Haven

SEPT. 3, '24: Dog Game at the Whitecaps; 6:35pm

SEPT. 13, '24: Nauty's Comedy Show at 8:00pm; FREE

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