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LOCATION/DATE/TIME: 53rd Ice Arena, Saturday, March 18, 2023,  Game Time: 3:50pm-5:20pm (Central Time Zone)

Note: This event is limited to a max of 24 skaters and 2 goaltenders for a total game of 12v12.  

Cost: Cost will be $40.00 to skate in the Black vs. Gray game.  (Fans coming to just watch our Black vs. Gray game do not need a ticket). All money will be due by February 18th.  (Paypal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle accepted)

Note: There is NO Chicago Blackhawk Home game this night, however, the Chicago Steel (Geneva, IL.) and Chicago Wolves (Rosemont, IL.) do have home games which we could arrange something at. 


Back in 2016, the Phantoms started our 'Black vs. Gray' game series as a way to experience skating at rinks other than our normal men's league rinks.  With so much interest from players wanting to play in our first game at Joe Louis Arena, the series was born.  We basically take those players signing up and split them into a Black team and a Gray team based on a player draft.  Captains are chosen to participate in a draft a couple weeks before the game to decide teams.  The draft system, combined with a player ranking system, are used to help ensure both teams are as balanced as possible.  Jerseys are provided to each side to run the games as professionally as possible.  These games are fun, yet competitive and allow our teammates to not only play on some special rinks but allow them the chance to play against their normal Phantom and Zombie teammates.  The Black vs. Gray games are open to everyone, but early sign-ups are geared to Phantom, Zombie and Locomotive players.

What are Black vs. Gray Games:

Cost to play and payment:

The cost to play varies on the location.  Some of the rinks that the Black vs. Gray games take place at have another hockey game that evening after our game (such as a Muskegon Lumberjack or Detroit Red Wings game, some due not).  Cost is provided for those players to just skate in our Black vs. Gray game and those looking to attend the evening game (Lumberjacks/Red Wings) if there is one.  Money is normally due for either of these options a few weeks before, which secures your spot and then allows the player draft to take place.  Money is turned into Kevin Wootton via the following methods:





1231 (then Woot's Phone #)