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Yost Ice Arena 5-20-23


The Phantoms returned to Yost Ice Arena on Saturday, May 20, 2023 and played in the team's second game at the Michigan University stadium.  The team would dig out the yellow jerseys to pair against the black sweaters in a classic battle of Black vs. Yellow in Ann Anbor.  Trent Kik and Andrew Page, who were the game captains, choose to do a team/clan battle with so many members of the Lakeside Locomotives, League of Champion players, Zombies and Phantoms in the mix.  So, unlike these games before, rather than drafting players, the two agreed to keep 'The Networks' together and have Phantoms and League of Champion players play on the same team, while the Lakeside Locomotives and Zombies would be paired together.   Team Yellow would jump out to a 5-0 lead in the opening period with goals from Trent Kik, Hunter Tuggle, Mike Bowman, Brian Marody and Joe Lochinski before Team Black would take over during the second and third periods with goals from Jase Neiger and Ryker Barber (4).  Ryker's fourth goal would be scored with just 30 seconds remaining in regulation to foce overtime for the second time in the Phantom's history at Yost.  In overtime, Hunter Tuggler would capture the game winning goal with under a minute remaining to seal a 6-5 victory for Team Yellow at Yost.  Andrew Page created the game medals for all precipitants shown below. The Phantoms would use the services of Nick Cobello and Ben Alei from the Ann Arbor as the officials for the contest.  Mohamad Madry from Madry Photography and Camren Clouthier from C2 Visual Media LLC would be the game photographers.  If sharing any photos from this game, please give credit to Madry or C2 Visual Media by using their links in the post.  Photos are sorted by each photographer in the links below.  

Yost Captains 2023.jpg
Yost Scoring Sheet.jpg
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