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Munn Ice Arena 1-28-23

The Phantoms traveled back east on I-96 on Saturday, January 28, 2023 and played a Black vs. Gray game at Munn Ice Arena, home to the Michigan State University Men's Hockey Team.  The battle in East Lansing, Michigan would witness Team Gray overcome a 0-3 deficit and tally the next six goals to win the game 6-3.  Both teams were filled with 13 skaters and a goaltender in the Land of Sparty Nation.  The group was split into a Black Team and a Gray Team via a player draft earlier in the month to help keep both sides balanced and it worked.  Brad Zehr (Black) and Matt Zehr (Gray) would be captains for the event.  Andrew Page created the game medals for all precipitants shown below. Kyle Steinke would be game photographers.  Walt Clarke and Brecinda Hernandez would be the referees for the tilt.

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