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Following a trip to the Joe Louis Arena in 2017, the West Michigan Phantoms returned to Detroit on March 31, 2018 to once again play in the home of the Detroit Red Wings. This time, the Practice Rink at Little Caesars Arena would be the site for a Black vs. Yellow game between Phantom teammates and friends. The Saturday evening clash would feature 22 skaters and 2 goaltenders battling it out. "When looking at the events and venues that the Phantoms have been able to play at in recent memory, it is truly exciting and an honor to be able to continue the unique trips and arenas that this team has had the privilege of playing in," said Phantom goaltender Kevin Wootton. "From playing at the Joe Louis Arena, to skating on the practice rink at Little Caesars, we take pride in our accomplishments and honor the great bond we have developed with our Red Wing ticket representative who has given us these opportunities," Wootton added. The group was split into a Black Team and a Yellow Team via a player draft earlier in the week to help keep both sides balanced and it worked, as the competitive game played itself out with Yellow defeating Black 7-4. 'Team Yellow' received goals from Chris Laux (4), Phil Hoort (2) and Matt Sobczak (1). 'Team Black' received goals from Nate Skoboda, Matt Myers (2), two others to be determined shortly. A commemorative medallion was handed out to every player, referee, photographer after the game which featured a neck ribbon in Black and Yellow representing the colors of the Phantoms, a front 'Duel of the D' logo with the Detroit Skyline on the bottom with the Phantom Hockey logo and Spring 2018 engraved on the front.


Trent Kik-Captain

Matt Zehr

Nate Tyler

Phil Hoort

Mike Padget

Chris Laux

Andrew Zawacki

Gordie Anderson

Steve Downing

Matt Sobczak

Andrew Page

Dakota Dirheimer-Goaltender


Kyle Clark-Captain

Nate Skoboda

Matt Clark

Steve Clark

Brennan Willis

Ryan Schnabel

Steve Merritt

Mike Urban

Zach Schemmel

Matt Myers

Andrew Erickson

Kevin Wootton-Goaltender


Photographer: Glenn Gould

Referee: Walter Clarke

Referee: Dan Sundberg

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