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JLA APR. 29, '17

For many it was a childhood dream, for others it was chance of a lifetime. On Saturday, April 29, 2017 members and friends of the West Michigan Phantoms skated in a scrimmage at Joe Louis Arena for One Last Skate at the famous arena. In an event that was highly received by the players, 30 individuals skated against each other in a Phantom Black vs. Phantom Yellow game in the final days before the ice melted once last time. The event was months in the making and the Phantoms lived up to the billing as the team unveiled a commemorative banner moments before puck-up and provided a special medallion to every participant following the game to ensure every player, every referee and every photographer that helped capture the historic moment are able to remember the event years down the road. "To be able to play at this arena in its final days with this group of guys was very rewarding, to be able to display both the jerseys of Phantom Hockey's nearly 15 year history just added to the occasion," said Phantom goaltender Kevin Wootton. The group was split into a Black Team and a Yellow Team via a player draft earlier in the week to help keep both sides balanced and it worked, as the competitive game played itself out with Black defeating Yellow 5-3. The medallion that was handed out to every player, referee, photographer after the game featured a neck ribbon in Black and Yellow representing the colors of the Phantoms, the Farewell to the Joe logo, the Phantom Hockey logo and the date of 'April 29, 2017' between the two logos to represent the day the game was played on. As part of the media coverage of the special game at the JLA, WZZM traveled with the Phantoms to the JLA and aired a special feature of the team's trip during the 6:00pm news. 


1. Trent Kik

2. Kyle Clark

3. Brad Zehr

4. Jason Schemmel

5. Brian Doctor

6. Matt Zehr

7. Chris Laux

8. Andrew Erickson 

9. Nate Skoboda

10. Shawn DeBoer

11. Dan Datema

12. Erik Stapleton

13. Mike Urban

14. Andrew Page

15. Zach Schemmel

16. Nate Tyler


17. Matt Clark

18. Mike Padget

19. Ryan Schnabel

20. Adam Porczynski

21. Steve Downing

22. Steve Merritt

23. Mike Shaver

24. Rees Hannah 

25. Jay Allendorf

26. Keith Moorman

27. Justin Saunders

28. Chris Benedict

G- Kevin Wootton

G- Mike Endres



Referee: Matt Mead

Referee: Dan Sundberg

WZZM: Evan Linnert

WZZM: Brent Ashcroft

Photographer: Jim Guest

Photographer: Sarah Shaver

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