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'I Play For...' 25th Season Audio
Original Release Date: April 1, 2009
Fourth Period Program: Nov. 11, 2007
Special Guest: Mike Shaver
Fourth Period Program: June 15, 2008
Special Guest: Brad Zehr
Fourth Period Program: Nov. 4, 2007
Special Guest: Gordie Anderson
Play By Play: Matt Zehr's Breakaway
Date: 11-28-05
Play by Play: Trahan to Brad Zehr
Date: 12-5-05
Play By Play: Matt Mead's Lazer
Date: 12-15-05
Play by Play: 100th Victory Goal
Date: 12-5-05
Play By Play: Wootton's Glove Save
Date: 11-12-06
Play by Play: Second Period Assult
Date: 11-26-06
Play By Play: Centering Sweet Lead Feed
Date: 12-3-06
Play by Play: Championship GWG vs. Rouge
Date: 2-11-06
Spring 2007 Starting Line-Ups
19th Season
Play by Play: Spring 2008 Championship Goal; Date: 6-2-08
Summer 2008 Starting Line-Ups
23rd Season
Play-By-Play: Benedict 'Spin-O-Rama'
Date: 11-2-08
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