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On February 8, 2020, the West Michigan etched another venue into the team's rich history of playing 'On The Road'.  Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan played host to a Phantom Black vs. Phantom Gray game and the old barn lived up to history.  A group of 25 members and friends of the Phantoms skated in a scrimmage game at the historic rink before catching an exciting Kalamazoo Wings vs. Indy Fuel game later that evening.  "Kalamazoo and Wings Stadium have been home to hockey since 1974, having spent many nights here watching the KWings play host to the former Muskegon Lumberjacks and Muskegon Fury, it was a great privilege to bring the Phantoms to this historic venue," said Kevin Wootton.  The group was split into a Black Team and a Gray Team via a player draft two weeks prior to the event to determine teams.  Adam Porczynski (Team Gray) and Andrew Page (Team Black) were selected as captains for the game and drafted players during the draft.  It would be Team Gray defeated Team Black during the event. 


Adam Porczysnki

Matt Clark

Nate Tyler

Dan Datema

Steve Merritt

Zach Schemmel

Mike Padget

Kyle Clark

Chris Laux

Mike Bowman

Brian Klesmith

Zach Kinney

Kevin Wootton-G


Andrew Page

Walt Reichert

Nate Skoboda

Trent Kik

Brad Zehr

Steve Clark

Mike Shaver

Jake Blok

Andrew Zawacki

Matt Zehr

Weston Hostler

Nick Oostra-G


Photographer: Sarah Saver

Referee: Dan Sundberg

Referee: Walter Clarke

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