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All State Arena 11-12-22

The Phantoms took the show on the road on Saturday, November 12, 2022 to play a Black vs. Gray game at All State Arena, home of the defending AHL champion Chicago Wolves. Team Black would capture the victory 5-2. Both teams were filled with 13 skaters and a goaltender for the Rosemont, Illinois afternoon tilt.  The group was split into a Black Team and a Gray Team via a player draft earlier in the week to help keep both sides balanced and it worked.  Chris Laux (Black) and CJ Jones (Gray) would be captains for the event.  Andrew Page created the game medals for all precipitants shown below. Glenn Gould and Stephn Hillabrandt would be game photographers.  Chicago's Kenny Zschach Jr. would be the lone referee during the game.

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