"24"-themed Countdown: 2:22

Lights: No lights for this.

Sound: Medium

Video: Clock

Description:  Basic countdown with sound and video.

After Video: Will shift straight to second video when this file has played



[Your Love Keeps Lifting Me] Higher & Higher  2:56

Lights: Blue/Purple Lights.  At the 0:55 mark of video, background goes gray with the message ‘The Covid-Era was difficult, kill blue/purple lights during 22 seconds until photos return to screen, then return with Blue/Purple Lights

Sound: Medium

Video: PhantomFest 2021 Higher

Description: Upbeat song to begin party with a few messages displayed throughout video.  During the Blue/Purple portions, shirts/hats/water bottles will be tossed into those watching video as party giveaways. 

After Video: Lights go off, Woot needs mic for quick words.  “Welcome to PhantomFest 2021!  In order to celebrate 19 years of Phantom Hockey, one needs to look back at the team and this party.  Join me right now, as “I Go Back”



Kenny Chesney - I Go Back  4:44

Lights: White Lights—Solid.  At 0:41 second mark of video, when music starts, White Lights to Rotate/Move.

Sound: Loud

Video: I Go Back

Description: Video with old video footage of team and past PhantomFest photos mixed with Kenny’s actual video for song 

After Video: Lights go off.  Fog Machines turned on.  Woot needs mic for quick words.  “It is hard to believe a group of FunSpot kids that created a team for Rivertown Sports in September of 2002 is still alive and kicking nearly 19 years later.  While many of names have changed, the history, tradition and passion of West Michigan Phantom hockey continues today…19 years later.” (Lights then shift to Red—Solid).  



Triple h best entrance ever  3:57

Sound: Loud

Video: Roster2021

Fog Machines: Continue On/High for entire Song

Lights: Lightning Effect at Start, at 0:26 mark when Phantom jersey is displayed switch to slow White Light movement effect for lights, at 1:20 mark witch back to lightning effect (Phantom logo on screen, at 1:30 (Roster photos start with 88 Kik) switch to red lights flashing/moving, at 2:38 switch to red solid lights (2002-2021 displayed on screen with change in music, at 3:12 red lights flashing/moving until end of video

Description: Phantom Team Video with Roster and History

After Video: Lights and Fog Machine off.  Woot needs mic for quick words.  “It’s been a rough past year, but we as the Phantoms along with the Zombies and Lakeside Locomotives are back and ready to party.  This is Phantomfest…Right HERE and NOW!  


Kenny Chesney - Here And Now    3:10

Sound: Loud

Video: HereAndNow video

Fog Machines: None

Lights: Yellow/Orange flashing/moving/rotation

Description: Here and Now…welcome back to life and party

After Video: Mikey to introduce Woot


Mikey to introduce Woot for his speech

Sound: Medium

Video: Phantom Logo displayed on Screens

Fog Machines: None

Lights: Solid Yellow/Orange (For Mikey and Woot)

 “He has been the backstop and last line of defense for the Phantoms for nearly 19 years.  This individual has been the instrumental on keeping the Phantoms alive for over 860 games.  From the Mean-Streets-of-Muskegon, please welcome your team general manager and everyone’s favorite goaltender #35 Kevin Wooooootton. 


Woot’s Speech:

Video: Phantom Logo displayed on Screens

Lights: solid Yellow/Orange during speech, then rotating/moving/flashing lights during ‘After Speech Music—YMCA’

Music: ‘During Speech Music’ playing.  (background music is 12:00 to ensure it carries though, speech should take 2 minutes).  After Woot completes ‘After Speech Music’ (LOUD) immediately after Woot say final word.  Let ‘After Music/YMCA’ play for about 1:30 until the first round of ‘YMCA’s’ are completed then tone down music for Mikey to do following:




Mikey give one last shout out to Phantom Hockey and prepare people for Karaoke

Introduce books and how to get people signed up to sing.  Once that announcement is made and everyone has a karaoke plan mention we have one last Phantom video while you are turning in your karaoke requests. 



Kenny Loggins - Footloose (VJAR extended dance remix)    6:32

Sound: Loud

Video: Footloose

Fog Machines: None

Lights: Multicolored; party scene

Description: Phantom friends slideshow

After Video: Mikey to run karaoke.